I am very pleased to introduce you to my company

Sehgal-Security – Detective Agency & Security Service Please spend some time to get to know about our services which may be a beginning for a hand shake with you for a possible partnership!

We enjoy the trust of large national and international corporations but as per company policy, we do not publish the names of our clients!

Sehgal-Security detective agency and security service is primarily active in the areas of providing security to department stores, room surveillance and property protection. My team and I mainly serve markets in the sectors of food, textile and building materials. Numerous success stories and a sustainable improvement in the security management at our client venues speak for us!

With the help of many years of experience, the Sehgal-Security detective agency has set itself the task of making companies more defensive against white-collar crime, shoplifting and employee offenses through our process of prevention, clarification of facts and preservation of evidence. Quality, experience, discretion and reliability in detective work and solving our customers' problems are our top priorities.