Disruptions caused by rioters who take out their aggressiveness on customers and/or employees are now part of everyday business. Unlike the in-house detective, the doorman/store security guard does not work in secret but is immediately visible to anyone who visits your store.

Well-groomed appearance: Our employees wear uniforms or dark, uniform-like clothing. Your friendly demeanor contributes to a safe atmosphere.

Doormen /Shop security guards are used to secure the entrance and exit areas of retail stores. He/she gives you and your customers security and potential criminals are deterred. You decide which group of people will be denied access to your property.

Our Doormen/Shopguard recognize critical situations and react immediately and calmly. You also have the task of maintaining any existing EAS systems. As soon as the EAS system signal sounds, the presence of the store security guard ensures quick access to suspected perpetrators if a crime is suspected.


  • Friendly welcome and farewell to customers
  • Monitoring of the entrance and checkout area as well as additional checkouts (theft prevention)
  • Receipt and purchase checks in case of suspicious circumstances
  • Accompanying the cash register staff when transporting cash within the company
  • Supporting staff when the signal is triggered by the EAS system (e.g. support when unloading the shopping cart)
  • Documentation of safety-related problems and presentation to branch management as well as suggestions for correcting defects
  • sporadic patrols and evening checks of sales areas, including open sales areas, customer toilets, emergency exits
  • Support for employees and customers in all problem cases